Exposure Visit to FPO Farmers

Exposure visit were arranged to KVK Promoted Vanmalai, Perunthalaivar and Kathiroli Farmer Producer Companies. Farmers Visited Madurai and Aruppukottai. Members, Directors and CEOs from All three FPOs participated in this Visit. 

Farmers visited Green Crafts Foundation, Madurai which is making handcrafts from Banana Bark. Here, the manufactured products were exported to Foerign Countries. Farmers were explained with the process of making products from Banana Bark. This unit is in talk with FPOs to procure Banana Barks directly from Farmers. 

Next to this, Farmers visited Aruppukottai KVK. Here farmers were exposed to various demo units and Seed processing unit.

Finally, Farmers visited Ramanar Farmer Producer Company. It is one of progressive FPOs in Aruppukottai. Here farmers were explained the genesis, struggles encountered and their Business model. CEOs from three FPOs actively discussed with the Ramanar FPO officials.