Clean milk production
Clean milk production is very essential to improve the quality of milk produced from dairy farm and to reduce the udder infections and mastitis incidence in dairy cattle.
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Prosobis juliflora pod flour as an unconventional concentrate feed for cattle
Prosobis juliflora pods are available in plenty in the wastelands of Thoothukudi district which can be used as an unconventional concentrate feed for cattle.
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Improved Desi Birds For Backyard Poultry Rearing
About types of desi birds and their corresponding details
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Cage System Of Rearing The Improved Desi Chickens
KVK promoted model cages for the purpose to rear chicken upto the age of two months in chick cages and in adult layer cages for above two months.
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Managing Post Partum Anoestrus / Infertility In Dairy Cows
Step1: Feed 50grams of Minaral Mixture daily to cattle along with concentrate feed starting day one after calving till entire lactation period and Provide green fodder round the year along with the dry fodder.
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Comprehensive Disease Control Method For Reducing Mortality In Goat
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Green Fodder Cultivation
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Goat Breeds suitable for the District
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Azolla Cultivation and feeding livestock
Azolla is a floating water fern rich in nitrogen, beta carotene and minerals. This can be fed as feed to cattle along with concentrate feed after washing of the dung odour
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Small Scale Incubator For Hatching Poultry Eggs
Small scale incubator with automatic egg turning and temperature and humidity regulating facilities are now available in the market
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profitable Milch animals rearing - The roal Mineral Mixture and Minarel Salt lick