April and May 2019 Month Training Details 

15-17.04.2019 - Entrepreneurial training program on Sheep and Goat rearing

25-27.04.2019 - Entrepreneurial training on Desi chicks, Japanese Quail and Pigeon rearing 

02-04.052019 - Oyster Mushroom Cultivation technologies

09-11.05.2019 - Vocational training on Bee Keeping

13-15.05.2019 - Modern equipments and machineries used in Rain fed and Garden land Farming 



Registration for training is mandatary

Training time: 10.00AM to 4.00PM

Training Fees: Rs.450/Head

Hostel facilities are also available for rent basis

More details Contact: 0461 - 2269306 / 7598375871






































Pre Booking is important

Training time From 10.00am to 4.00pm

Training Fees Rs. 150/Training

Paid based Hostel facilities are also available