Field Day in VBN 8 Black Gram

 Field day in Ottanatham

  Thoothukudi district is very frequently affected by drought and receives only 650mm average rain fall with 14 raining days. To get at least one crop the farmers were looking for short duration verities with respect to Black gram and Green gram, so KVK Thoothukudi has conducted a demonstration in Black gram crop with VBN 8 (65 days duration). VBN 8 Black Gram variety is resistant to Yellow Vein Mosaic virus and has more productivity than older varieties cultivated by farmers. 50 Farmers were provided with VBN 8 seeds for sowing. Frequent visits were made to assess the growth of crop during crop period and various advisory services were provided. Off campus training were organized to the farmers about cultivation practices and plant protection measures. Beneficiaries were given with inputs like Pulse wonder and Bio fertilizers apart from seeds.

  As the crops are nearing harvest, a field day was organized in Ottanatham village on 29.12.2018 to show the success of this variety to other farmers. Around 98 Farmers from this village, Scientists from KVK and officers from Department of Agriculture were participated in this event.  

  Mr. A. Murugan, Scientist (Agronomy) -KVK, briefed about the significant features of VBN 8 Black Gram variety and its cultivation practices of Green Gram. He further coated that this variety yields up to 9.2 quintals per hectare and has resistance to Yellow Vein Mosaic virus and encouraged farmers to adopt this variety to next seasons.

  Mr. P.K Muthukumar Scientist (Plant Protection) –KVK briefed the gathering about various pest and diseases and Integrated Pest Management practices in Pulses. He advised the farmers to use pheromone trap and yellow sticky traps to monitor and reduce pest incidence.

  Dr. V. Srinivasan, Senior Scientist and Head, KVK, appreciated the efforts played by the farmers and Scientist to make the programme a big success. While sharing experience, Mr. Subbaraman, Director of Ottanatham Farmers Producer Organization one of the beneficiary of FLD programme, stated that VBN 8 given good yield than other varieties he had tried earlier and assured that he will recommend the variety to his fellow farmers and members of Farmer Producer Company.

  Mr. Narayanan, beneficiary of this programme felt that this variety as a short duration one which required less number of pesticides sprays in the field which reduces cost of cultivation. Mr. Sudalaimani, Block Technical Manager of ATMA, Ottapidaram explained in detail about various schemes available to the farmers and advised farmers to enroll in Seed farm scheme. Mr. Kumaresan, one of the leading farmer shared that he has destined 3.9 quintals of yield from an acre with this variety and very confident the adopt this variety in the upcoming season.